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Expansion in India.

Grow your business in India with a unified platform that handles all backend ops  from remote hiring to accounting, payroll, and tax compliance
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Inrole streamlines everything from remote hiring to accounting, taxation, payroll, and compliance - leaving you more time to focus on your core business

We bring onground relevant experience

Our team of accounting professionals, lawyers, tax experts and payroll executives have over 40 years of on-ground experience, making us a reliable partner .

Set up shop within days

Leverage our local expertise and network to set up your development centre in India within 2 days.                                                                                            
Setup your business

Incorporate a legal entity in India

Inrole's platform helps you navigate local compliances to start and run business operations in India
Onboard employees/contractors without a legal entity
Execute employee agreements, IP and NDA
Stay 100% complaint with local employment laws
Manage payroll and benefits
Setup your local entity
Onboard  employees and contractors
Manage payroll and benefits
Automate bookkeeping & tax compliance
Employer on record

Start hiring in India without a legal entity

Setup your team in India without setting up shop.
Execute independent contractor agreements
Stay compliant with local laws
Set up timely payouts in local currency
Automate tax withholding
Execute water-tight employment contracts
Stay compliant with local tax & payroll laws
Manage onboarding & salary disbursements
Track attendance, leave & performance

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What exactly do you do?

We offer a unified platform to help you set up your development centre in India which includes various aspects of HR, payroll, accounting, tax and legal operations.

I don't have a legal entity in India. Can I still hire a remote team in India?

Yes, of course! For foreign entities interested in hiring remote teams in India, we offer Employer on Record (EoR) services through which you can seamlessly hire contractors, freelancers, full-time employees while staying 100% compliant with local laws.

How is Inrole better than other EoR providers?

Inrole is backed by 40 years of experience working in the Indian market. We not only understand centre and state specific laws and regulations but also have a deeply entrenched network of professionals ranging from lawyers, chartered accountants, payroll executives and tax experts.

We are equipped to handhold you in entering the Indian market be it by way of EoR services, incorporating a local entity, executing legal contracts, accounting data entry or complex tax filings - we have you covered!

Great, but where do I start?

It's a fairly simple process.

1) Request Demo here
2) Our CSA will reach out to you
3) Our CA will ask you to fill a short "Request Form"

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  • India
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • UK
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"Inrole is simple and easy to use. It's been a breeze for us to navigate through the Indian market with their help."
-Sukhi Wei,
Algrow Biosciences
"Our company went through an acquisition, and at that time there were a lot of unknowns. I would say the Insta CA team has gone above and beyond to help us with the whole acquisition process - even if it meant jumping in on calls at odd  hours.They have just been tremendously helpful"
-Ed Chin,
Founder & CEO,
"As an entrepreneur you want to focus on growth, technology and team. Anything else comes with a great opportunity cost.
Insta CA’s professionalism and expertise gained our trust quickly and let us focus on what differentiates Kunduz globally."
-Basar Basaran,
Founder & CEO,
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