Onboard employees and contractors, execute customized contracts and set up regular payouts. 

Congratulations! You have finally found the right person to join your growing team, but your work does not end here. You are now staring at endless paperwork to onboard your new hire. On orientation day, you want to equip your employee with knowledge of your company - the work culture, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), organizational structure, Confidentiality and Non-disclosure requirements, leave policy, device management, sexual harassment laws and the list goes on.

Inrole’s founding team has built workflows to put the onboarding process on autopilot. Whether you want to hire a full-time employee, a contractor or a freelancer, the onboarding process has to be customized for each new hire as per their terms of employment, location, use of company assets and job description.

Our mission is to deliver the best experience for you and your employees. Here is how Inrole will handhold you :

  • Your brand identity is important 

Our digital onboarding fits into your company’s brand ethos to allow you to communicate your company’s philosophy, mission, vision, culture and more in the most effective manner

  • Your legal contracts are air-tight

From legal drafts to digitally signed employment contracts - we guide you through each step. Use our carefully drafted legal contracts for maximum protection

  • You operate within the legal framework

Automated onboarding workflows help you quickly grow your team while staying 100% compliant with local state and federal laws 

  • You manage your remote hires

Track onboarding process, create new workflows and ensure that the background verification documentation is complete for all your remote hires

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