Seamless Expansion: Indo Naturals from Sweden enters India with InRole

Headquartered in Norway, Indo Naturals is a sustainable brand of probiotic soap bars and other everyday products ethically crafted in rural India.

💼 Setting up a subsidiary of a foreign entity

In the process of establishing a company in India, Indo Naturals sought professional guidance to determine the most suitable business structure for their entity. InRole's expertise played a crucial role in creating a subsidiary entity in a smooth fashion. InRole experts provided comprehensive cost analysis, outlined a roadmap for regulatory compliances such as compliance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and Transfer Pricing framework. The initial engagement with InRole marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.


🤝 Experience with InRole

Fredrik Kondrup, Founder & CEO Indo Naturals, Reflecting on the experience with InRole, expressed satisfaction with their services. “Our Experience with InRole has been very Good. I find InRole to be highly professional. They really want to make sure everything is done in Complete compliance with all the laws and regulations. I am from Norway where we have a very less bureaucratic system and India is very different in that sense. So for me it's been important to have a CA that I can really trust - That does the Job Completely aligned with the Laws and Professional at the same time. Communicate very well with me as a foreigner who doesn't necessarily understand how everything works legally and Business in india. So having them on my side has really been very valuable for Starting a company in India.”


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