Sero's Indian Venture: Simplifying India Operations with InRole

Meet Sero: Headquartered in Chicago, Sero is a B2B customer onboarding tool that lets you launch customers on time and enable them to truly derive value.

💼 Running the India Subsidiary

Sero wanted to register a legal entity in India so they started looking for a solution to support them in running the India subsidiary. They not only wanted support with accounting, tax, legal, and payroll compliances for the subsidiary, but also expert assistance regarding cross-border transactions and transfer pricing regulations.

Sero outsourced the entire back office function to Inrole and has successfully grown its India operations with the help of Inrole.
“Working with Inrole lets us have our backend operations run on autopilot with minimal involvement, so that we can focus on what matters most - delivering value to our customers. I also love that Inrole can work within our existing software tools, which drastically reduces manual work” says Aditya Padwal, founder of Sero.

🤝 Why Sero loves Inrole?

Although numerous platforms were accessible, Sero chose Inrole for its exceptional customer support, featuring a designated Accounts Manager for addressing inquiries and practical expertise in cross-border India subsidiary compliances.

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